Valentin Serov 瓦倫丁·謝羅夫 (1865-1911) Realism Art Nouveau Impressionism Russian

Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov, born January 7, 1865 (old style, January 19 new style) in St. Petersburg, is best known as one of the premiere portrait artists of his time. Working between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, his work represents a drifting away from realism and toward the Impressionist movement in Russian art. The works for which he is best known show a strong Impressionist influence.
Serov was born to an artistic family. His father was A.N. Serov, an opera composer, and his mother was Valentina Bergman, also a composer and a musician. Though he didn’t follow in his family’s musical footsteps, his talents as an artist did not go unnoticed, even at a very young age. After the death of her husband, Serov’s mother took the boy to Paris to encourage and facilitate his artistic training in painting. In Paris, he tutored under the famed Ilya Repin, and Repin’s influence is very visible particularly in Serov’s early work. Repin advised his student to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Petersburg, where Serov received much of his formative education. Although the Serov family was struggling financially, they were aided by a wealthy entrepreneur and patron of the arts, Savva Mamontov. Mamontov allowed the Serovs to live with him at his estate while Valentin remained a student.
At the Academy, Serov studied for five years from 1880 to 1885 but left school before graduating. As a student and in his early career, he dabbled in graphic artistry, stage designing, and book illustrations. His portrait work, however, is what he remains best known for. Perhaps his most recognizable work is his 1887 “Girl with Peaches.” This is a portrait of Vera Mamontova, the eldest daughter of Savva, who had opened his home to Valentin and his mother. The 91 in x in 85 oil on canvas painting is now in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. Vera is seated at a dining table at the Mamontov estate, Abramstsevo. The Abramstsevo estate was an important figure in the late 1880s, as it was also the site of a burgeoning colony of artists especially interested in ridding Western influence from Russian art.
The portrait of Mamontova, according to the Tretyakov Gallery description that accompanies it, provided the “roadmap” for the development of Russian Impressionism. The piece is a mix of cool, white, and grey tones broken up by the bright figure of the young girl at the composition’s center. Her dress is a pastel pink, the bow across her chest a smattering of black but broken up by a flower placed in the bow’s middle, and her dark hair is in harmony with piece’s the dark, wooden accents. The natural light captured as it comes in the window matches the subdued orange color of the fruit she holds in her hand. Serov masterfully captured the girl’s expression and body language, depicting an impatient but tolerant youth, sitting for a portrait while the world outside awaits her. “The artist achieves here a balance between the girl’s state of mind and the world around her,” reads the Tretyakov description of this piece.
Even in 1888’s “Sunlit Girl, Portrait of M.Y. Simonovich,” Serov’s colors are shady and subdued, while the most luminous parts of the painting are on the subject’s face. “Thus is produced the image of interpenetration of sunlight and of the light of the human soul,” reads the Tretyakov description. The subject’s belt, her hair, and a row of trees behind her unify this composition in dark tones, made light again by her warm face and light eyes. These early works are representative of Serov’s preferred color scheme. While he includes color, his chosen shades were usually soft pastels and not like the rich, bright hues that were characteristic before his emergence around the mid-1880s.
謝羅夫出生於一個藝術家庭。他的父親是A.N.謝羅夫,歌劇作曲家,他的母親是瓦倫蒂娜·褒曼,也作曲家和音樂家。雖然他沒有在他家的音樂腳步,他的才華的藝術家並沒有被忽視,即使在一個非常年輕的年齡。她的丈夫去世後,謝羅夫的母親帶著孩子到巴黎,鼓勵和促進他的繪畫藝術培訓。在巴黎,他輔導下著名的伊利亞列賓和列賓的影響是非常明顯的特別是在謝羅夫的早期作品。列賓勸告他的學生在美術學院在聖彼得堡,在那裡接受謝羅夫了他啟蒙教育的學習。雖然謝羅夫家庭掙扎在經濟上,他們被藝術,薩瓦Mamontov的一個富有的企業家和贊助人的幫助。 Mamontov允許Serovs以他的遺產和他生活在一起,而瓦倫丁仍然是一個學生。

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