Andrew Tischler FEATURED ARTIST 

The Creative Endeavour – EPISODE 2 – Virgil Elliott

Virgil Elliott is a modern authority on Traditional Oil Painting. His book “Traditional Oil Painting” is a wealth of information that will help any aspiring painter gain a better understanding of the medium. Join Andrew Tischler and Virgil Elliott in this episode of The Creative Endeavour as they unpack several topics from views on Modern Art, to troubles with White… Read More
Andrew Tischler FEATURED ARTIST 

Collecting photo reference in the EPIC AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK – Vlog #2

Join Andrew Tischler as he ventures into the red desert of Australia to gather essential references for a major studio painting. The scenes around the Pilbara and Karijini National Park are off the charts! SUBSCRIBE FOR BONUS CONTENT: Subscribe The Creative Endeavour Podcast: ITUNES: PODBEAN: SOUNDCLOUD: STITCHER: The Artful Painter Podcast: Follow Andrew Tischler on… Read More

How to paint a LANDSCAPE – The Winter Landscape | Essential tips for painting scenery!

Check out the FULL LENGTH TUTORIAL – The Winter Landscape Subscribers get a DISCOUNT upon checkout: (Valid until Dec 31st 2018) Subscribe How to paint a LANDSCAPE – Essential oil painting techniques. The Winter Landscape is a painting based on Andrew Tischler’s surrounding area in the South Island of New Zealand. It’s a gentle landscape with several interesting features… Read More
Andrew Tischler FEATURED ARTIST 


Art Books are an essential element to a functioning painting studio. In this video Andrew Tischler talks about some of the books that had the biggest impact on him, and a few titles that are helping currently with the painting process. CHECK OUT ANDREW TISCHLER’S FULL TUTORIALS: Shop Search these titles online, and find a copy to inspire you in… Read More
Andrew Tischler FEATURED ARTIST 

Artful Painter: Andrew Tischler – Pursuing Artistic Truth [Audio-Only]

Andrew Tischler pursues artistic truth in his painting. Currently residing in New Zealand, Andrew was born in Texas. Later, his family immigrated to Australia when he was a young child. The son of sculpturer, Andrew loved to look at his father’s art books. He became enthralled with American wildlife painter Carl Rungius. Moved by the paintings he saw, Andrew began… Read More
Andrew Tischler FEATURED ARTIST 

STUDIO LIGHTING / How to light your Art Studio on a BUDGET!

Andrew Tischler shows you how to light your studio, taking into consideration INTENSITY, COLOUR, ANGLE and COST. FULL PAINTING TUTORIALS AVAILABLE: Andrew Tischler’s painting secrets! Check out our 5 star reviews! Follow Andrew Tischler on Steemit: Follow Andrew Tischler on FACEBOOK: Follow Andrew Tischler on INSTAGRAM: Subscribe for bonus content: Read More
Andrew Tischler FEATURED ARTIST 

Remote Viewing with Andrew Tischler Episode #46

#RemoteViewing #HalPuthoff #TTSA “Remote Viewing” Today we sit down with Philosopher, glass artist, and friend of the show Andrew Tischler. We will discuss Dr. Hal Puthoff, Russell Targ, and Ingo Swann. We will analyze their involvement with the U.S. Government using Parapsychology. We will look at the beginning of their careers when they met at (SRI) Stanford Research Institute. Finally… Read More
Andrew Tischler FEATURED ARTIST 

Painting Outdoors in Paradise – EPIC EN PLEIN AIR – South Island, New Zealand

Get your first audiobook and two Audible Originals for free when you try Audible for 30 days. Visit: or TEXT andrewtischler to 500-500 Join Andrew for an En Plein Air painting adventure in the South Island of New Zealand! In this video, Andrew shares some of his favourite techniques for painting outdoors. Working alongside Freeman White and Samuel Earp,… Read More
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