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Artful Painter: Andrew Tischler – Pursuing Artistic Truth [Audio-Only]

Andrew Tischler pursues artistic truth in his painting. Currently residing in New Zealand, Andrew was born in Texas. Later, his family immigrated to Australia when he was a young child. The son of sculpturer, Andrew loved to look at his father’s art books. He became enthralled with American wildlife painter Carl Rungius. Moved by the paintings he saw, Andrew began painting at a young age, and quickly progressed to become a professional, full-time artist by the time he was 21 years of age.

Early in his career, Andrew strove to create quality paintings. In order to do that, he felt the need to work out a methodology to produce consistent quality. He became obsessed with the process of painting. Andrew likens his obsession to surfers who go around the world searching to catch the perfect wave. He is addicted to the search and the chase of an idea for a painting, and he is addicted to the feeling of making the best painting possible.

This episode clocks in at over two hours long. Andrew does not hold back! He explains where his ideas for a painting comes from and how he develops that idea. Andrews shares three questions all artists should ask when developing an idea. He says these questions have transformed his career as an artist.

Though Andrew achieve early financial success as a professional artist – like a lot of artists he was affected by the global downturn in the economy. That downturn taught him the importance of diversifying his sources of income and in this episode he explains how he has accomplished that.

Mentioned in the show:

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