Andrew Tischler FEATURED ARTIST 

The Creative Endeavour – EPISODE 2 – Virgil Elliott

Virgil Elliott is a modern authority on Traditional Oil Painting. His book “Traditional Oil Painting” is a wealth of information that will help any aspiring painter gain a better understanding of the medium. Join Andrew Tischler and Virgil Elliott in this episode of The Creative Endeavour as they unpack several topics from views on Modern Art, to troubles with White… Read More

What is Wrong with My Painting? – Mark Baker – Episode 4

Episode 4 – Mark Baker I have a chat with Mark Baker about his 3 paintings. To watch all my free videos go to For more about the paint that I use visit: If you are an artist and would like to be on the show, go to and look for the support email address (scroll down,… Read More

How to paint hair – portrait painting by Ben Lustenhouwer

Having a hard time painting hair? In this video, portrait painter Ben Lustenhouwer shows you how to do it. Use his techniques to improve your own portraits. The hair is important: Ben always starts with it. Painting hair can be challenging. You need to make sure the interplay of light and dark colours is captured well, that the hair flows… Read More
FEATURED ARTIST Liron Yanconsky Water Colors 

What We Learn From JOHN SINGER SARGENT About Painting | Painting Masters 11

Beginners Drawing Course: Support me on Patreon: My Art and Creativity PODCAST: Instagram: My books on Amazon: Snapchat: LironYan3 Hi there! Liron here, and in today’s episode of Painting Masters I’ll share with you work by John Singer Sargent. 🎨 I’M NOT AN OIL PAINTER, BUT… 🎨 Sargent’s work REALLY inspires me to paint, draw,… Read More
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