FEATURED ARTIST Matt Harvey Pet Portraits 

#1 Pet Portraits By Matthew Harvey

An early collection of Pet Portraits spanning 25+ years by Artist Matthew Harvey – Subscribe to my channel by clicking this magic button: https://goo.gl/TAvHrQ Please leave your thoughts in the comments below, let’s help each other out and be creative… Enjoy! Buy me a coffee ☕ If you found this helpful and are feeling generous you can support this channel… Read More
Ben Lustenhouwer 

How to paint highlights in a portrait- demonstration by Ben Lustenhouwer

Without highlights, a portrait is not complete. This is the last step in making your painting come to life. Portrait painter Ben Lustenhouwer demonstrates how you apply them and how you paint glasses. In this video, Ben also explains why he uses the colours he makes the highlights with. He tells you how to apply this painting technique and what… Read More
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