VALENTIN SEROV (1865 -1911) Russian painter ✽ Ernesto Cortazar-Just For You

Valentin Serov (b St Petersburg, 19 Jan 1865; d Moscow, 5 Dec 1911). Russian painter, graphic artist and stage designer. As a child he lived in St Petersburg, but he made frequent trips abroad. In 1874 he travelled to Paris with his mother and frequented the studio of the Russian Realist painter, Il’ya Repin. In 1875 the art patron Savva… Read More
Ben Lustenhouwer FEATURED ARTIST 

Painting a portrait of a young lady – demonstration by Ben Lustenhouwer

How do you paint a portrait of a young lady’s face and torso? Follow in the footsteps of acclaimed painter Ben Lustenhouwer and learn. In this demonstration, he shows you his way of working. If you paint a portrait which includes more than just a face, there are specific challenges. There is more background to work with, and you need… Read More
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