Andrew Tischler FEATURED ARTIST 

Remote Viewing with Andrew Tischler Episode #46

#RemoteViewing #HalPuthoff #TTSA “Remote Viewing” Today we sit down with Philosopher, glass artist, and friend of the show Andrew Tischler. We will discuss Dr. Hal Puthoff, Russell Targ, and Ingo Swann. We will analyze their involvement with the U.S. Government using Parapsychology. We will look at the beginning of their careers when they met at (SRI) Stanford Research Institute. Finally… Read More

3 Dogs Pastel Portrait Painting by artist Matthew Harvey #7

Here are ‘Elen, Neesha & Lena’ being created as a 3 dogs pastel portrait painting by artist Matthew Harvey. All three beautiful dogs have in some way involved with or as Guide Dogs for the Blind. Neesha has just provided a litter into the training scheme and Lena (on the right) was herself a guide dog for the blind, until… Read More

Discussion on Materials and Techniques for Oil Painting

In this video I have a brief discussion with Colton Wiscombe about materials and techniques used by artists in oil painting. For more about the paint that I use visit: To see more of Colton’s work visit his Instagram page: To watch all my free videos go to Read More
Ben Lustenhouwer FEATURED ARTIST 

How to paint hands – portrait painting by Ben Lustenhouwer

Hands are notoriously difficult to paint. Portrait painter Ben Lustenhouwer comes to the rescue. In this video, he shows you how to make them look real. Hands are intricate and can be in many different positions. The trap that many painters fall into, is trying to capture every little detail. Instead, by using the right painting techniques, you play with… Read More
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