Ben Lustenhouwer FEATURED ARTIST 

How to start a portrait – portrait painting by Ben Lustenhouwer

A great portrait painting starts with a great sketch. Do this wrong, and the portrait will look like a different person. In this video, you learn how to measure and sketch to form the perfect basis. Portrait painter Ben Lustenhouwer demonstrates his sketching process. This is not just freehand artistry: measuring is involved to achieve accurate dimensions. That ensures that… Read More

Valentin Serov 瓦倫丁·謝羅夫 (1865-1911) Realism Art Nouveau Impressionism Russian Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov, born January 7, 1865 (old style, January 19 new style) in St. Petersburg, is best known as one of the premiere portrait artists of his time. Working between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, his work represents a drifting away from realism and toward the Impressionist movement in Russian art. The works for which he is best… Read More
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